How Does Your Prenatal Formula Add Up?

In today's fast pace world, it is important to evaluate the TYPE of ingredients used and what the numbers REALLY mean. The following information will hopefully give you the information needed to make an informed decision in your life. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to call us.

Gestational Diabetes is an insulin resistant diabetes that can be thought of as a transient Type II diabetes. Chromium supplementation has been shown to help treat and prevent insulin resistance as it is a component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF). J Am Coll Ntr 1996 Feb;15(1):14-20 reports that deficiencies of chromium, magnesium, potassium and pyridoxine (B6) aggravate hyperglycemia in gestational diabetes due to impairment of insulin production. Our products are the only ones compared that include chromium or potassium, and we are far superior in magnesium and B6 content as well.

Pregnancy Toxemia is a condition treated by administration of magnesium. Minerals are not drugs. If administration of a mineral reverses a condition, the condition was the result of a deficiency of that mineral. Our products are the only ones that provide an appreciable amount of usable magnesium (Complete Formula = 150+ mg; New Mother's Blend = 125 mg; Natalins = 10 mg).

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) can be greatly reduced through calcium supplementation. J Obstet Gynaecol Res 1996 Oct; 22(5):425-30 reports that incidence of PIH in calcium treated subjects was 8.24% vs 29.03% in untreated and the incidence of gestational hypertension was 6.18% in calcium treated vs 17.2 in untreated, and pre-eclampsia was 2.06% in treated vs 11.82% in untreated.

The form in which calcium (as with all minerals) is supplemented is very important. Carbonates and oxides are between 0-10% available, citrates about 35%, and chelates (minerals attached to a single or multiple amino acids) are at least 50% available. For example, 2 Tums EX tablets have 1500 mg of calcium on the ingredient list. This calcium is calcium carbonate (in the form of talc), only 600 mg is elemental calcium, the rest is carbonate. Only 10% of the calcium (as calcium carbonate) is bioavailable; therefore, of the 1500 mg calcium on the label, only 60 mg is available for use in the body. Further, oxides and carbonates act as antacids in the gastric stomach. Both calcium and magnesium need an acidic environment in order to be freed-up for absorption. Additionally, a reduction in gastric pH will result in decreased transit time, decreased food degradation, and increased digestive problems. There is a much greater amount of calcium in the Complete Formula™ Liquid, and it is in one of the most desirable forms.

The best nutritional supplementation program for the average reproductively active woman is the Complete Formula™ Liquid before conception, then add New Mother's Blend™ during pregnancy and lactation. Although New Mother's Blend™ was designed to complement the Complete Formula, it by itself is a better supplement than any of the competition. The non-MD's Choice products all list token amounts of various vitamins.

MD's Choice does not include "token amounts" of nutrients just to get names on the ingredient list. We do not want people to get a false sense of security while they are cutting corners. The only nutrients supplied by the other 3 companies (listed in the comparison chart) in useful amounts are folate and some iron (look at the usable amounts of iron). One of the reasons the other companies deliver 1 mg of folate instead of the 800 mcg Daily Value for pregnant women, is that they can be prescription and gain a marketing advantage when the patient thinks that prescription means better. Vitamin B6 and B12 are also important B vitamins that are involved with the same physiological functions as folic acid.

Complete Formula™ Liquid is very palatable and requires no digestion to free the ingredients for absorption. Likewise, our New Mother's Blend™ is a loose powder delivered in a gelatin capsule that is completely dissolved in less than 15 minutes. Food passes from the stomach in 30 to 45 minutes, both NataFort™ and Natalins™ Rx seem to dissolve almost completely in that amount of time. Prenate™ Ultra®, however, required much more vigorous shaking to break apart than the other supplements that were compared.

MD's Choice had the following comparisons done with three of the leading prescription prenatal formulas. The results are interesting and enlightening.

Prenatal Formula Comparison Chart
(A combination of Complete Formula™ - Liquid & New Mother's Blend™ vs. NataFort™, Natalins™ Rx and Prenate™ Ultra®)

MD's Choice Nutritional Products
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